Monday, September 22, 2008

George Michael...on Crack!

This isn't a surprise but it's still disappointing. George Michael, he of the multiple drug busts whilst driving his car, and cottaging which he's since attributed to being down to depression at the death of his mother, has been busted yet again. Apparently this time it was in a notorious 'cottage' at Hampstead Heath, and he was in possession of cannabis and crack cocaine. Really sad news, but his constant protests of how happy he's been since his infamous 1998 'outing' always sounded too much, particularly in his music.

He's a great man, one of the finest pop singer song writers ever, but I really tire of this self-loathing. Some people can indeed handle their drugs, and even keep them in perspective; he clearly can't. I wonder how much better his music would become if he got clean, but remember an interview in the 'Big Issue' during the period of his masterpiece 'Older', where if I recall correctly he, like Paul McCartney before him, attributed much of his creative success to drugs. It remains a huge shame, and is quite revealing, that he's not released anything even approaching that quality since then.

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