Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain Campaign Paranoia

They're liars. They say they only use unpaid, local volunteers for local campaigning in Florida. But the reporter finds the 'volunteers' she speaks to are all paid, often agency staff. No surprise when a campaign organiser starts getting heavy - very heavy. But hey this is what the McCain/Palin campaign is all about. Vote for them if you think this duplicitous and violent behaviour is what America needs.

Friday, October 24, 2008

17 Again

It's a Matthew Perry film so it should be awful. It's a Zac Efron film so it should be awful. But but but....look at it...

And most importantly look at Zac:

Ka-ching! (with thanks to Gay Spy)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Haider Was Gay

I'd known this for some time, so it wasn't a surprise to hear confirmation after his death that he was gay, it's just a strange way for the news to be made public:
The successor to the Austrian rightwing populist Jörg Haider, Stefan Petzner, has shocked the staunchly conservative country by revealing in a tearful interview that they shared a "special relationship".

Petzner, 27, who was confirmed yesterday as the leader of the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZO) after Haider's death in a car crash two weeks ago, made the admission on Austrian radio, effectively confirming long-standing rumours that he and Haider were lovers.
It's always the paradox with the far right - that they can't help being what
they despise and rail against. And ironic too that Haider's wish that Petzner
should succeed him should be undone by this revelation:
Outraged by the interviews, the party felt compelled yesterday to dismiss its leader amid reports of his alleged role in Haider’s tragic death. Local papers said that, on the night of his accident, Haider and Mr Petzner had a row at a magazine launch party.

Bill Shatner vs George Takei

An amazing rant, really amazing. I love the Shat, but someone has to stop giving him Emmys until it can be proven that he's actually acting in Boston Legal. From the looks of this performance he really is Denny Crane!