Thursday, September 28, 2006

Comic Art Auction

Out of reasons of poverty I'm selling four fantastic pieces of comic artwork:

- A signed & numbered lithograph of Captain America by Travis Charest
- A Spirit lithograph, signed & numbered by Dave Gibbons & Will Eisner
- A Supreme poster, painted by Alex Ross
- A signed & numbered Ghost lithograph by Adam Hughes

You can find them all here - you won't find pieces like this cared for quite as well anywhere else. In the case of the Gibbons/Eisner piece, it's a bargain too.


Mamluke said...

just curious how the auction went - good?

Jason said...

The Supreme poster seemed to get snapped up but never got paid for. So I'd say not. Very disappointing.

Mamluke said...

that sucks - fortunately I've only ever had one e-bay transaction go unresolved. Hopefully you didn't send out the goods to them already

Jason said...

Fortunately not. It was done through Tom's ebay profile though, which isn't good.