Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's been a lovely Christmas. I think the older I get the more open I get once again to the idea of family and tradition, but the next generation is making a difference. Didn't get to see my nieces this Christmas, but seeing my Goddaughter was fantastic. This is her Dad Matt by the way - I think tired doesn't quite cover it!

Doctor Who, The Royle Family, Blackadder and more, it's been great, but I can't deny the wine's helped! Will the drunken Christmas parties ever end?

How was your Christmas?

Posted by ShoZu


jesse said...

Well since you asked..
I got my licence the day before Christmas (my birthday) which was fantastic, Christmas was spent with mum's side of the family which was also great fun, all in all a really great year!
I stumbled across your blog searching for pictures of Maxxie/Mitch Hewer, thought I'd add my bit and say hi.
Also, I'd love to know the HTML code for that recent visitor counter you've got.. I tried the website but couldn't find the same one.

Anyway. Keep up the blogging!


Jason said...

Thanks for the comment Jesse. The Mitch Hewer photos on this blog and my other one are ridiculously popular (and rightly so lol). Shame he had to spoil things with Britannia High...

I can mail you the HTML if you like - it doesn't really work well as part of a follow-up comment ;)

Glad you had a good year. Mine changed from awful to productive, and this one so far is downright optimistic!